UNA-Uganda reveals the hindrance to achievement of SDGS in Uganda


By Kabuye Ronald

United Nations Association Uganda (UNA-Uganda) has revealed the reasons hindering Uganda from achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets.

Speaking during the media engagement on SDGs, the UNA- Uganda secretary general Richard Tinkasimire Baguma attributed the delays in achievement of the SDGs to the poor utilization of the available resources which he asserts is stolen, misused, misappropriated and sometimes its un utilized and returned to the government coffers by the local government without fulfillment for its appropriation

“How can a district return the money for infrastructure or road?! is there a district in Uganda that has all roads constructed really?! We don’t recruit competent people, you find that in local government people are recruited because they are from that locality or related to the politicians but they are not competent and surely what can they do.” Said Baguma

Baguma further revealed that Covid 19 pandemic has been another hindrance to the achievement of the SDGs globally so Uganda wasn’t spared either.

“Covid 19 has been one of largest reversal of any development efforts globally, in some of the countries you find that the development processes has been cut by 50% in terms of funding, processes, activities, people and plans. And while the developing world has been investing trillions of dollars in trying to revival their economy, we have not been doing the same. But also imagine the population is also resisting vaccination and so if you don’t vaccinate how are you going to open the economy?” Baguma asked.

Furthermore Baguma thinks that the lack of sensitizations, education, information dissemination to  people, equipping them with knowledge especially the media and influencers and integrating them into the development agenda and expenditure is another problem for the development of the country.

Baguma however believes that the country still has an opportunity to accelerate the achievement to SDGs target if there is persistent, consistent, and extremely strong will at the political level, discipline among the technical people and consciousness, action and active demand for accountability from the population since a docile, dormant and uniformed population will not help in achievements of the targets.

Currently the world still has 9 years to have the 17 SDGs achieved which include:

(1) No Poverty,

(2) Zero Hunger,

(3) Good Health and Well-being,

(4) Quality Education, (5) Gender Equality,

(6) Clean Water and Sanitation,

(7) Affordable and Clean Energy,

(8) Decent Work and Economic Growth,

(9) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure,

(10) Reducing Inequality,

(11) Sustainable Cities and Communities,

(12) Responsible Consumption and Production,

(13) Climate Action,

(14) Life Below Water,

(15) Life On Land,

(16) Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions,

(17) Partnerships for the Goals.

Article courtesy of Trusted News Uganda