Training youth as nutrition champion


By Yangi Hellen

Capacity building, empowerment and knowledge sharing are needful for youth to gain useful competencies in any field of life such as nutrition advocacy. Training helps young people develop specific skills that fully prepare them for handling future responsibilities effectively.

As a chapter member of the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU) at Nkumba University, I had the privilege of being one of the participants of the recent Nutrition Youth Champions training. The activity was one of the most rewarding and enriching activities I have ever been fortunate enough to engage in! The virtual training was attended by youth representatives from the UNA-Uganda University Chapters and it ran for the three days of 15th-17 July 2021.

Generally, we were trained on key aspects and significant intervention strategies on nutrition that aid the youths in promoting the wellbeing of people health-wise. The prospects taught were nutrition, champions and advocacy. It is from this training that I highly embrace teamwork and collaboration. During the workshop, we formed two groups and were given the task of formulating a work plan. As a team, we effectively performed the exercise with ease. Still, as a student of social work and social administration, this training widened my knowledge and helped me discover skills like interpersonal, nutrition advocacy and communication skills that are crucial while addressing various nutrition issues in social work practice.

The workshop was organized by the Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition Uganda (CISANU) and Action Against Hunger (Uganda and Kenya). It was facilitated by Mr Suuna Pius, Mr Baguma Richard, Ms Georgine Obwana, Ms Chaiga Destiny, Mr Otieno John, Ms Maggie and Ms Nduta Joan. The Commissioner in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr Tegyeza Joses was the Guest speaker. The function which took place virtually was attended by youth representatives from the United Nations Association of Uganda university chapters and it ran for three days that is, 15th-17 July 2021.

Therefore, it is crystal clear that the Nutrition Youth Champions’ training was worth it! This is due to the fact that it was incredibly useful to the youths in all aspects of promoting the wellbeing of people health-wise at all levels.


Yangi Hellen is a Member of the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU) at Nkumba University Chapter