Teaching young people how to profitably utilize a small piece of land

United Nations Association of Uganda Mengo School chapter together the patriotism club and the History department joined forces to prepare the permacul- ture garden at their school.Mengo Senior School is a Com- prehensive Mixed Day School located in the heart of Kampala. Started in 1895 making it is the oldest Secondary school in Uganda.It has a comprehen- sive curriculum combining Tech- nical, Vocational, Business and Aca- demic subjects, and now has introduced permaculture. Permaculture is a farming practice where a number of crops are grown on a small plot of land, the practice is most evident in fragmented places, especially in an urban centers where space is limited.The purpose of the exhibition was to show how an average homestead in Uganda can har- ness resources around their home to live sustainably; im- proving the economic and social well being, while at the same time preserving the environment. During preparation, the patron of the UNAU Mengo chapter Mr. Ayub Kalema invited spe- cialists to educate the youth and show them how its done.