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The Road Safety Advocacy Coalition Uganda (ROSACU), fondly known as ROSACU, stands as a beacon of hope and change in Uganda’s ongoing battle against road traffic injuries and fatalities. Established with a mission to create safer roads for all, ROSACU unites diverse stakeholders under a common cause – championing road safety as a shared responsibility.

Our journey began with a profound recognition of the urgent need for action in the face of alarmingly high yet rising road crashes and their devastating consequences. ROSACU has since evolved into a dynamic and committed coalition, tirelessly working to raise awareness, influence policy changes, and foster a culture of responsible road use.

At the heart of ROSACU’s mission lies the unwavering belief that every life on Uganda’s roads is precious, and every road user deserves the right to reach their destination safely. Through collaborative efforts, advocacy campaigns, and strategic partnerships, ROSACU strives to turn this belief into a reality.

As a member of the Road Safety Advocacy Coalition Uganda (ROSACU), the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU) plays a vital role in amplifying our collective voice and leveraging global expertise to address road safety challenges in Uganda.

The United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU) as a member of ROSACU and other stakeholders, we work hand in hand with communities, government bodies, non-governmental organizations, and individuals, all sharing a common goal: a safer, more secure road environment for Uganda’s present and future generations.

Join us on this transformative road safety journey. Together, we can change the course of road safety in Uganda, one step at a time.