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The African United Nations Youth Delegate Program (AUNYD) is a transformative initiative by CRIPS, an organization from Berlin designed to empower 120 young leaders from Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. The program aims to equip these youth with the skills and knowledge essential for active engagement in shaping the future and development of their countries.

At the heart of the AUNYDP is the National Educational Assessment (NEA), an intensive and innovative training program spanning a number of on-venue training days. NEA focuses on significantly enhancing participants’ knowledge and skills in international governance, including UN and AU processes. Through interactive and context-related methods, the program solidifies advocacy, public speaking, conflict sensitivity, and critical thinking, fostering attitudes that lead to inclusive and democratic approaches to problem-solving.

At the culmination of the NEA, two UN Youth Delegates are selected to represent the youth alongside 18 UN Youth Fellows in New York at the General Assembly. This elite group collaboratively creates a mission and vision for the future, enriched by discussions, practical experiences, and visits to UN bodies in New York.

An integral aspect of the program is the commitment to transmitting newfound knowledge to a broader youth audience. Participants are encouraged to engage with schools and universities, unraveling the UN-Blackbox for wider understanding and awareness.

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