SDGs promotion and implementation in uganda


UNAU as an active participant in the SDGs formulation and negotiation process also undertakes post-process work on the promotion and implementation of SDGs in Uganda. UNAU makes SDGs cross-cutting in all its programs. At the national level, UNAU is part of the Uganda Civil Society Network working on the promotion and acceleration of the implementation of SDGs in the country. UNAU endeavors to work in line and consultation with the SDGs Secretariat in the Prime Minister’s Office in relation to promotion and implementation of SDGs. UNAU monitors the national implementation status and focuses its actions on information dissemination on successes and challenges, while putting effort into activities that ensure accelerated activity and dissemination of information on SDGs. For example, UNAU has been running training and sensitization seminars and workshops to empower media personnel, civil society leaders, and influencers to do more on the dissemination of information and mobilization of government and other stakeholders to take more action on for the realization of SDGs by 2030. UNAU has been advocating for more action on SDG 13 on Climate Action and is currently working with other civil society organizations to ensure that Uganda works harder to meet its national and international obligations in relation to containing climate change and building a resilient society.