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Unleashing Innovation: Recap of the Solve the SDGs Hackathon

We are excited to share the incredible journey of our recent three-day hackathon, Solve the SDGs, held in collaboration with UNA-Finland and Hack Junction. From March 31st to April 2nd, 2023, passionate individuals converged at Hive Colab HUB in Kampala, Uganda, to collaboratively tackle global challenges and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Day 1: Team Formation and Ideation

The hackathon commenced with an inspiring opening ceremony by Hack Junction Finland, connecting participants across Finland, Tanzania, and Uganda. Mr. Muwanguzi George, President of UNAU, set the tone for the event with encouraging remarks. Teams, comprising diverse talents ranging from programmers to designers, were formed under the guidance of Mark from Vaamak Inc Startup. The atmosphere buzzed with creativity as teams brainstormed and refined ideas aligning with the SDGs.

Day 2: Prototyping and Development

Led by Tugume Andrew from Qraft Academy, teams delved into business development using the Lean Canvas Model. Participants brought their ideas to life by designing prototypes, creating user interfaces, and testing their solutions’ viability. Pitch practice sessions were recorded to be shared during the final submission on the Hack Junction platform. Mentors provided invaluable guidance, and participants attended sessions on sustainable business models, data analytics, pitching, presentations, and user-centered design.

Day 3: Presentations and Judging

The final day featured presentations and judging. Participants submitted their solutions and pitch videos through the Hack Junction App. A live stream session involved participants from Uganda, Tanzania, and Finland voting for the top 5 solutions. The overall winner, announced during the closing ceremony, hailed from Finland. Local presentations followed, with teams showcasing their solutions based on the three I’s criteria – Innovation, Impact, and Implementation with the SDGs.

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Winners Announcement and Closing Ceremony

The judges recognized three outstanding teams: Team Erudites (Overall Winner) with a Bio Digester Model focusing on SDG 14, Optimistic Team presenting a Wind Power Generator for SDGs 7 and 13, and God’s Plan Team with a Smoke Absorber Machine targeting SDGs 13 and 3. 

The winning teams received framed certificates in acknowledgment of their exceptional efforts. Mr. Baguma Richard, the Secretary General of UNAU, closed the event with gratitude and a commitment to supporting initiatives promoting SDGs.

The Solve the SDGs hackathon was a resounding success, showcasing the power of innovation and collaboration. The 10 teams demonstrated creativity and problem-solving skills, contributing to sustainable development and raising awareness about the SDGs. UNAU extends heartfelt thanks to all participants, mentors, and judges, pledging to continue organizing similar events to drive positive change and promote sustainable development.

Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives as we work together towards a better tomorrow!

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