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Igniting Youth Leadership

Igniting Youth Leadership: UMUN 2023 Conference Focuses on SDGs, Gender, and Climate Action

Uganda Model United Nations (UMUN) Conference 2023, a dynamic gathering that brings together young minds from diverse educational institutions and organizations. Organized annually by the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU), this conference serves as a crucial platform for youths to engage in diplomatic debates, simulating the various organs of the United Nations.

Conference Theme: Igniting Youth Leadership in Accelerating SDGs

The conference which took place at the Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT), chose a compelling theme: “Igniting Youth Leadership in Accelerating SDGs.” This theme underscores the pivotal role of young people as catalysts for change in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasizing their active involvement in addressing global challenges.

Rationale: Empowering Youth for Global Impact

The world, as outlined in the Global Sustainable Development Report 2023, is at a critical juncture. UMUN 2023 acknowledges this urgency and positions youth as the driving force to propel us closer to the SDGs. Focusing on Climate Action and Gender, with a lens on road safety, nutrition, and youth engagement, the conference aimed at empowering the youth to actively contribute to the achievement of these global goals.

The conference mobilized more than 100 youths from 10 educational institutions, equipped them with knowledge of SDGs, and with focus on gender roles and climate action. Additionally, the conference sought to create compelling content on social media platforms, encouraging active participation, discussions, and knowledge sharing regarding the role of youth leadership in advancing gender equality and climate action.

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General Assembly Simulation: Gender Roles and Climate Action

The United Nations General Assembly took center stage during the UMUN 2023, simulating both moderated and unmoderated caucus engagements. Two crucial sub-topics, Gender Roles and Climate Action, guided the delegates’ discussions. Delegates explored questions related to empowering youth, safety challenges for women in transportation, designing inclusive nutrition programs, and the impact of climate change on road safety and nutrition.

UMUN 2023 will be conducted physically, providing an authentic diplomatic experience for participants. Pre-conference training and engagements will be carried out at various chapters and clubs, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the conference. The UNAU Secretariat will manage the conference preparation through the UMUN 2023 Officials, a committee consisting of students from different UNA Uganda chapters.

Conclusion: Nurturing a Generation of Leaders

In summary, Uganda Model United Nations Conference aspires to be a catalyst for change, incubating innovative ideas and nurturing youth leadership. By focusing on gender roles and climate action, the conference aimed at equipping young leaders with the knowledge, skills, and commitment needed to drive tangible progress towards achieving the SDGs.

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